Sunday Dinner

Every week we have dinner together at the kid’s house. Great grandpa, Boogie as the kids call him, Poppy and I go over to their house to eat. The kids love Sunday dinner because we always have dessert! Each week a discussion starts… what do you want to dinner Sunday? Sometimes we are prepared while others times we pull off a miracle. Most of the grown-ups work so usually its myself and the kids… the twins really… making dinner. Carter {Read More}

Chocolate Cake Catch!

After our usual Sunday dinner we decided we wanted to play kickball with the kids. We headed to the soccer/baseball fields only to find them being used. So off to the beach we went. The kite field was empty and a great place for us to play! We split the teams into two: Poppy, Nana, Ivan and Anthony vs. Ken, Kristen, Emily and Karmen We had great fun making sure everyone had a turn up. Each team had two turns {Read More}