Rich Collins

Two years ago we got to meet the Imagination Movers with our grandson Anthony. We had VIP passes and got the full experience. After the show we went to a private area with other families, the kids got snacks and the guys played songs for us that weren’t played in the concert. At the end we got our picture taken with them. I was super excited (and not thinking about the fact I was going in that picture too). I {Read More}

Happy Birthday to a Great Sport!

My sister can take a joke with the best of them and today was no exception. We made her a cake for her birthday and invited her over to celebrate. Well let me back up a second and explain why we were so amused. I saw a cake on Pinterest and I told the kids we have to make it for Joan. They were super excited and that is just what we did. Her favorite cake is Carrot with cream {Read More}

I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not sure.

This evening was really fun. I did some baking with the grand-kids. Friday is my sister’s birthday and we are planning something special (and funny!!) for her. Anthony is super excited to share this with her so we must keep him away until its time. It is so funny how young kids get so excited about the simplest things. I guess they feel like their birthday is fun so ours must be too. If they only knew!! Hahaha! I will {Read More}

On The Go..

I recently read somewhere when you write a blog post, you should write it like you are talking to your sister. I thought about that for a moment and decided that is how I started to post here, but things changed over the course of time. I worried I would offend people or that I wouldn’t.  Not that I would want to offend anyone but I would like to spark a decent debate now and again. At least see if anyone {Read More}


Usually my week is full of school with the children. Last Tuesday I stayed home since Ken and Kristen were off work. I decided to work on my blog and tweak what I could with a few of my Squidoo pages. Basically chill was the plan for the day. As early afternoon approached I found myself missing Carter more and more. That’s when it hit me! I needed a nap! You can always tell when Carter is ready to fall {Read More}