Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints.

I have no idea what to write about for a blog post. I always thought it would be great having a blog; I could post about anything I wanted to say. I could vent about issues I wanted to vent about or just brag about how adorable my grandchildren are… We all know I do that often enough, but I cannot help it. I have started a few posts about how much Anthony and I have grown this week. We {Read More}

Happy New Year!

The new year is just around the corner! I am excited for the new changes expected to happen this year! I have changed the way I eat and so far I have a goal of 30lbs lost by new years day.. Im 28lbs there just 2 to go! We have a new member in our family and this new year will bring so many new things for him. He will learn to crawl, walk and more! Anthony will learn how {Read More}

Sunday Blog Hops!

Holiday Tips

Well its that time of year again! You know the one.. Making lists, checking them 47 times, ok twice should have been good enough, but Im THAT person! Once I realize Im not Martha Stewart I can usually cope with things being not so perfect. Over the years it’s the imperfections I find we all laugh about most! Before you get all wrapped up in stamps and tape I would like to share some tips and tricks that have helped {Read More}

National Coffee Day!

Grab a cup of coffee and celebrate “National Coffee Day!” Its hard to believe where coffee came from — a group of hopped-up goats. According to the National Coffee Association, an Ethiopian goat herder was the first to realize coffee’s wonders: “It is said that he discovered coffee after noticing that his goats, upon eating berries from a certain tree, became so spirited that they did not want to sleep at night.” Today, those berries are then harvested and processed, {Read More}