Keeping Track

Within the past week I have noticed too many amber alerts for missing children. Sadly one was found dead but the others are still missing. I was talking to my daughter in law about options. We chip our dogs.. why not the kids? I looked up tackers and found a few so we can track them. Each family has different needs for these trackers so make sure you check out a few brands to see what might fit your family needs. {Read More}

Fuzzball Removal

What a cute winter coat is what I thought when I first saw this jacket. After the first time it was washed the sleeves and hood had fuzzballs appear. We tried plucking them off but each time it was cleaned, the fuzz seemed to get worse. Years ago I had a sweater/hoodie that did that and I tried one of those shavers things to get the fuzzballs off. A friend of mine told me to just use a razor. A {Read More}

Homemade Playdough

I have posted an article like this before for making homemade play-dough, we call it salt dough too. My daughter-in-law, Kristen, really doesn’t like the smell of the store bought stuff. She is the one who told me about Kool-aide play dough.. So I thought lets give it a try. This hands down is far better than the original version. The kool-aide is just stirred into the mix. The food color did get on our hands and was a mess compared to {Read More}


So the universe has decided that today is going to be one of those days. I woke up to a broken coffee pot. Mr Coffee why do you hate me?? What am I to do? Go back to bed? Hmm that is a thought but I have so much I planned on doing today. Ah ha! I know!! A few months ago we went up to Coos Bay and the motel we stayed at didn’t have a coffee pot! We {Read More}

Smart Thinking!

While cleaning our room yesterday I decided with such a clean materess I should probably clean the pillows as well. Then I found this on Pinterest! Machine wash pillows twice a year Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your regular detergent Cover two tennis balls with socks Fluff pillows in dryer with tennis balls. Arm & Hammer Apparently Pinterest makes me smarter!!

Shocked & Amazed!!

Yesterday I was telling you all that I have found some interesting ideas on Pinterest. Today I was cleaning my room and thought I would put one of those ideas to use. If it didn’t work at least I knew the ‘try’ would make things better. Over the years we’ve hosted grand-kids in our bed and there have been accidents from time to time. We would put on some baking soda.. vacuum later and spray frebreeze. Sure there were stains but {Read More}

Pinteresting Ideas

I have been finding tons of projects on Pinterest that are cheap frugal and easy to do. Sometimes finding the time to do all of them is the hardest part of all. There a quite a few cleaning ones I want to try when I spring clean this year. There are a few gardening ones I want to think about trying but if you honestly know me.. I don’t do gardens or yard work as a rule. Seriously that is {Read More}

Let’s go fly a kite!

We sang that song this morning as we headed out to the kite field down at the port. Being a huge Mary Poppins fan of course i know the songs. Carter wanted to feed the birds too so we stopped and got some popcorn. Anthony heard a noise and we looked over near the Coast Guard station and saw sea lions. Poppy took the boys over to see them. You don’t want to get too close.. and thankfully they were {Read More}


I was surfing Pinterest this morning, its one of my guilty pleasures. I ran accross a few pictures that just whisper ‘Spring’ to me. Maybe because pink is one of my favorite colors and maybe because these photos are just simple and classic. I have to share but want to make sure Im giving appropriate credit. The artisits that took these photos are extremely talented!! Country Living


I’m over the moon with excitement that Isabella is here. I know that after having over eleven grandchildren this should just be another day at the office but each one is amazing to me. This is the first granddaughter to arrive in thirteen years. Since my favorite color is pink that makes this even more exciting. I cant wait to hear about how her older brothers react to meeting her. I think of the day I met my first granddaughter. {Read More}