Getting to know us.

They always say you can tell when someone becomes a grandmother because they talk about nothing else. So I created Nanapoppins.com as a place to (b)log about my journey with life, marriage, and grandkids!

In November of 1991 I met a wonderful man (Danny) who was raising his 3 sons alone. In November of 1993 we got married and were pronounced a ‘family’. In the summertime the boys half brother Michael came and stayed with us. Our four sons are now scattered across the country. They are all grown and have made us grandparents. We have 15 grandkids in total, four on the east coast and eleven on the west coast.

Meet the family

Danny is my hubby, I talk about him often! Our sons are Richard, Kenneth, Mike and Andrew. We live in a small town on the left coast.

Richard lives in Florida with his sons Christopher and Vincent and beautiful little girl.. Isabella!

Kenny and Kokala live in Crescent City about 30 minutes from us. They have 6 between them Michelle, Micheal, Anthony, Kathleen and Carter. Ken also has a daughter Cheyanna who lives in Ga with her mother.

Let’s not forget Ivan, Emily and Karmen!! My grandkids from Ken’s previous marriage.

Andrew lives in Medford he has 3 sons Jason (10) and Conner (8) and Dominic (almost 1).