Grab a Cup and Join Me

I haven’t posted anything recently. At the time I felt like I had too much going on and it was one more thing to deal with. Looking back, I realize I had so much time but really nothing new to say. I felt like a hamster on a wheel. Covid19 really changed things in my community, events getting cancelled or changed. Usually, this time of year the kids come over and we hit the festivals and fairs. Not last summer and not this one either.

During the last school year, we home schooled the kids. This year they are heading to brick-and-mortar schools. Just as these decisions are made the numbers are climbing of the new variant. Delta. We got our vaccines and yet they say 1 out of 5 of the people with the delta variant will be a vaccinated person. That is not reassuring. I booked tickets to travel this year. I thought we were getting back to normal. Should we cancel? Should we go? I think this is what is going through everyone’s minds.

Life doesn’t have a pause button. How easy would that be. I would still be in my 30s! Nah I like my life… my family keeps my spirits up. My sons are wonderful and the grandchildren they made us are so beautiful and special. I don’t want to pause that… maybe just slow it down a tinge.