Sunday Dinner

Every week we have dinner together at the kid’s house. Great grandpa, Boogie as the kids call him, Poppy and I go over to their house to eat. The kids love Sunday dinner because we always have dessert! Each week a discussion starts… what do you want to dinner Sunday? Sometimes we are prepared while others times we pull off a miracle.

Most of the grown-ups work so usually its myself and the kids… the twins really… making dinner. Carter and Anthony contribute by arguing in the living room just loud enough for us to hear them over the music being piped into the kitchen from one of the twins phones. When you listen to music with 15-year-olds you realize you aren’t allowed to hear an entire song. As soon as one of them yells “Listen to this Nana” that is the moment the boys scream “STOP!”

Come time for dinner the table is set and we all sit down like well-behaved people.  As soon as dinner is over and “ressert” (as Carter calls it) is served we start to play 31. That is a card game that encourages trash talk amongst those who were brave enough to stay at the table. Each week there is a new champion. Dinner always ends with smiles and stuffed bellies.

It really is one of my favorite traditions. What things do you and your family do?