ID Bracelets

My grandson Vincent has autism. I find myself thinking of different things to do for him. I want to challenge him in the same way you would any 4-year-old but I find that with Vincent if he can feel it then it makes sense to him. I considered making toys/learning tools for him. I bought a seat belt restraint to put on him in the car explaining his disability in the event of an accident since he is considered nonverbal.
I thought about the same ideas we used for the kids when we go on vacation. Write emergency information on them paint with liquid Band-Aid. Make bracelets or ankle bands. Then I saw an idea on Pinterest. They sell theses beads at our local dollar store. Make sure to check your area out.

I was thinking of make Vincent one and adding his name to it. That way if he ever wanders off and someone found him they would be able to talk to him and call the number. We always plan for these events to not happen but It would give me peace of mind to know he would be taken care of and someone could help him find his way home if it did.

What do you think about this? Would you make your child one of these?