Today Carter and I went to story time at the local library. We do this most every week. It allows for him to socialize with his friends and lets me get a moment to myself. Today it was hosted by Miss Sallie, she does a wonderful job with the kids. They sing songs, read stories and do an art project. Afterwards we check out books for the week.

I couldn’t help but think back to a few years ago when we had another lady read stories and work with the kids. Dori Randall was really a treasure. She influenced the children in our town to reach for the stars She directed plays at the local playhouse and always encouraged all children to get involved. Acting or summer reading or afterschool arts and crafts… everything was fun with Miss Dori.

Recently Dori passed away and left big shoes for someone to fill. We miss her and love her. Carter doesn’t really remember Dori but she certainly loved him and his siblings. It’s amazing how much people touch our lives, I’m certainly happy she touched ours.