Fun at the beach

This weekend we filled a Saturday with almost every errand you could imagine. We started our morning grabbing breakfast and the boys, Anthony and Carter. Anthony was invited to a birthday party first thing so the rush was on. Anthony makes molasses look fast, so we need to ‘encourage’ him to hurry. Carter was ready in two minutes.. now if Anthony was ready we probably would wait on Carter.

Off to the store we go! They seem to pick everything for themselves. I had to stand guard and make sure that the friend got a good gift. (Reminded me of a chainsaw blade and shoots green zombie bullets.. and he needs bullets!) Nerf it was! Anthony didn’t want a card so we didn’t get one.

Now Carter decides it’s his imaginary friend, Joe’s birthday. So of course gifts need to be purchased. I’m probably going to hell for encouraging this but it’s cute to me. So we picked out a mashem and some package of Lego guys. Carter said Joe is turning 4.

After Anthony was finished at his party we headed to the park for Joe. His mom was going to host the party there but needed us to get treats from the bakery. When we got there and no party Carter said Joe’s mom had to work. We sang happy birthday to Joe and that is when Carter informed me the gifts are his.. because he is Joe.

After the park we went shopping, ate an early dinner at the port and then went to the beach! Even though we live with a mile of the beach we don’t go as much as you would think. It’s a shame to because we always have a blast. This summer resolution.. more beach time!

How often do you get to the beach?