Cable or Satelite

Our television bill went up the the other day. I was shocked at the prices charged for tv! We had cable and the bill got so insane we switched to satellite. Now they are doing the same thing. I called the cable company and got a sweet package deal. There you go satellite!!! I called and they said call back between 7-1. The next day I called back around 11:30 my time (PT).. they neglected to tell me 7-1 EST.. ugh!! Today I called and said “I want to cancel!!”

After 15 minutes she was able to find me a package that went from $80 a month to $25 a month. Wow.. how come this doesn’t show on the site with all the new stuff? Its a hidden package they use to beg you not to leave. Who cares! My deal is save me money.. so I stayed. I called the cable people and let them know I want to cancel too. They couldn’t sweeten the deal so we are staying with satellite for now.

Make sure you look at what offers are out there and that you tell them so they can sweeten your deal if possible. Check your bills often! Check in with the company now and again to see if there are any saving to be had. Have you ever had this problem or do you just pay the asked amount?