Keeping Track

Within the past week I have noticed too many amber alerts for missing children. Sadly one was found dead but the others are still missing. I was talking to my daughter in law about options. We chip our dogs.. why not the kids? I looked up tackers and found a few so we can track them. Each family has different needs for these trackers so make sure you check out a few brands to see what might fit your family needs.

Amazon has many tags/tattoos/wearable items kids may use for school or travel. These are great options for the lost child to have a grown up call the parent. Make sure you evaluate what might be the best option for you and go with it. Let’s keep these kids safe!

“Stranger danger” is not enitrely safe to teach our children – 85% of abductors are known to the child

The first 3 hours are the most crucial time for the safe return of a child gone missing,, act quickly

Before you go anywhere talk to the family about what to do in the event someone gets lost.

Take a photo of your child with your phone before you leave your home so you have a current photo of what they are wearing.