Fuzzball Removal

What a cute winter coat is what I thought when I first saw this jacket. After the first time it was washed the sleeves and hood had fuzzballs appear. We tried plucking them off but each time it was cleaned, the fuzz seemed to get worse.

b&a fuzzy jacket
Years ago I had a sweater/hoodie that did that and I tried one of those shavers things to get the fuzzballs off. A friend of mine told me to just use a razor.


A razor and some masking tape is all that is needed to tackle this job. The razor removes the little balls and the tape helps clean the razor out when it gets full. Add a touch of patience and you can make it look like new.

Disclaimer: My niece Jen Stout posted this on facebook: The only bit I noticed that didn’t get mentioned is to make sure you don’t press the razor down too hard or go over the same place too many times. I use this technique on my clothes, but I’ve also ruined a couple items that had very thin fabric and ended up with hole.