Shocked & Amazed!!

Yesterday I was telling you all that I have found some interesting ideas on Pinterest. Today I was cleaning my room and thought I would put one of those ideas to use. If it didn’t work at least I knew the ‘try’ would make things better.¬†Over the years we’ve hosted grand-kids in our bed and there have been accidents from time to time. We would put on some baking soda.. vacuum later and spray frebreeze. Sure there were stains but its not like we saw them after the sheets were on.

I saw this post on Pinterest that said ‘How to get pee stains out of a mattress.’ I thought nothing of it but since the bed was already stripped for laundry.. why not try this ‘tip’ out. So I mixed up the solution, was almost positive I was just making more work for myself, and sprayed it on our bed. Holy Doodle! Within 15 minutes the stain had lifted!

You could see where I sprayed the solution but an hour later it was gone. Still slightly damp to the touch so I left the fan on. I can see the baking soda so I will have to vacuum but our mattress looks brand new! I wish I took photos to share!

bed-stainsOriginal tip from Amee at Inspired Housewife

Im excited to try even more ideas and will share with you if they work or not. What do you think about pinterest?