Let’s go fly a kite!

We sang that song this morning as we headed out to the kite field down at the port. Being a huge Mary Poppins fan of course i know the songs. Carter wanted to feed the birds too so we stopped and got some popcorn. Anthony heard a noise and we looked over near the Coast Guard station and saw sea lions.


Poppy took the boys over to see them. You don’t want to get too close.. and thankfully they were on a pier we couldn’t reach.


Then we fed the birds.. that in itself is a challenge. Carter likes the birds to come to him so he can chase them away. It makes him laugh. Anthony would dump out popcorn and the birds landed, then both boys would lay chase.


Carter actually eats as much popcorn as he shares.


We the birds finished and cleared out we got out their kites.


Both of them got their kites pretty high up.


I love days like this and hope the kids remember them too.