I’m over the moon with excitement that Isabella is here. I know that after having over eleven grandchildren this should just be another day at the office but each one is amazing to me. This is the first granddaughter to arrive in thirteen years. Since my favorite color is pink that makes this even more exciting. I cant wait to hear about how her older brothers react to meeting her.

I think of the day I met my first granddaughter. She was simply the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. I know every Nana says that but for me I say it because its true (hehe). I think of the first summer I was playing outside with Ivan and the twins, the giggles!! Each addition to our family has been a wonderful blessing!

I always thought of those grandparents that share everything and think.. oh not me. Now I do share everything because I realize how precious and fleeting each moment is with these kids. I haven’t broken down and had faces printed on shirts.. yet.. but if I say never.. they would probably arrive next week. I do however appreciate it when I see others wear them because I can feel their pride.

They say to ask a question at the end of each post to engage the reader.. Does that really work?