npcoffeeSo the universe has decided that today is going to be one of those days. I woke up to a broken coffee pot. Mr Coffee why do you hate me?? What am I to do? Go back to bed? Hmm that is a thought but I have so much I planned on doing today. Ah ha! I know!! A few months ago we went up to Coos Bay and the motel we stayed at didn’t have a coffee pot! We are those kind of people.. no coffee is never good. My darling husband tried to convince me all would be right.

My first thought was who is this man and what did he do with my husband? I need coffee to figure this out.. right.. coffee! So I did the logical thing and went to the closest Walmart. There I found a single serve coffee pot! I put that in my cart with coffee, cream and snacks. My husband still did not want to buy it but I didn’t care.. I need¬†coffee! Nothing makes you need/want¬†it more than telling you, you cant have it. Later that evening I made a cup of OMGthisisgood coffee. I didn’t offer my husband one if he wanted one he can make it. Of course he did and thanked me for the next two days. Hahaha!

I offered this single cup maker to my daughter-in-law the other day. Thanks to my procrastination skills.. I still have it! Happy Dance! So as I sit here enjoying my coffee.. Im wondering what kind of coffee maker is in my future. Mr. Coffee has let me down but maybe a newer model would be a better fit. I will have to put some thought into this. In the meantime don’t remind my daughter-in-law about this one cup wonder!!

What kind of coffee pot do you use? All suggestions welcome!!