Annoying Christmas Wreath

A few decades ago my husband and I were starting out. I had begun working at a brand new job. The woman I trained with was amazing. God blessed us when he brought Gretchen into our lives! I remember talking to her about collecting decorations for the house, she gave me a few things. One in particular was a wreath that played music when the light sensor picked up movement. She called it “The Annoying Christmas Wreath.“ I laughed and took it because I had nothing and thought our young boys would think it was cool. For the record the boys did NOT think it was cool. I loved that it tortured them! Over the years I have hung that wreath on every door we lived behind. Each year there was always talk about that wreath, and how people loved it or hated it. Over the years it did start to get shabby and I buried it inside others wreaths. I never liked them much but I couldn’t toss our annoying wreath. Today I took several steps towards giving it a new life. It has amused and annoyed many over the past twenty-one years. Im glad to say it will continue to annoy for years to come!

firstcoffeeFirst thing I did was make a cup of coffee and try to decide how to take this thing apart. My hubby reminded me to take pictures so he could remember what it looked like. Thank goodness I did so I can share them here as well!

oldwreathHere is the wreath as it hung on our door last year. I more or less just buried it inside the other and added a bow.

formerACWHere is the actual Annoying Christmas Wreath. I think it was originally Avon and Im not sure that is the name of it but it should be! (I love it)

soundHere is the sound box and light sensor.

afterwreathI didn’t document steps beyond this, but I basically wrapped it with a faux pine garland. I hot glued red and gold ornaments I got from the dollar store. I added a LED light strand to the wreath. Then I added a fresh bow and hung it on our front door.


What are some of your families holiday traditions?