Nana’s – To Do List

superstickiesI have these great plans to make this year more organized and festive, ok well a mental “to do list.” I intend to bake early and freeze. I mean to clean closets out so I can hang coats, but they always end up on the bed or on the back of chairs. Usually Im baking the night before I give gifts out. Last year I actually did start early but we ate early and all season long. So when gift basket time came I was still last minute baking.

I thought about getting the decorations out early this year and do some major revamping or planning on what we need to we can get it in time. I wanted to get out the glue gun and fix a few ornaments that we have had for way too many years. This year I even planned on making a Christmas wreath. For 22 years we have this wreath that hangs on the door. A great friend gave it too me and it always makes me think of her. It plays music and amazingly still works. Each year it looks a little sad so we have added to it or even buried it into another wreath to prolong its life. I thought this year of stripping it down and making the old new again.

I tend to procrastinate, Im really good at that! Part of me thinks its too early yet. Christmas decorations?? Really? Im nervous that if I put this off I wont find the time to do those things I wanted. I decided to post this here on my blog and then I will be accountable.

My question to you is this – Is it too early to start? Have you started shopping?