Confused & Thankful!

Arie-CarterWe had company this weekend, kind of a pre-holiday holiday. We were thankful too so it worked! I love it when family comes to town. Growing up I became an aunt at a young age and really loved my role. Each of my siblings had five kids so I got to play a lot! I made being Aunt Pat my job. As I got older I became Mom, then Nana all the while still being Aunt Pat. It gets challenging at times, but only in the name.

I was so busy and often confused as to what to call my hubby. I would say Poppy to my nephew and then correct. I would say Danny to our grandson and he would correct us! Maybe we just split the difference and call ourselves Uncle Poppy & Aunt Nana!

With all the problems that I could have, Ill take this one happily! What are your family nicknames? Are you Grandma/Grandpa, Nana/Poppy or Nona/Papa?