Carter’s Game

Carter-baseballThis year has been crazy with all the sporting events we have attended. Ivan’s football games, Karmen’s volleyball games, Anthony’s soccer games and even JJ’s football game. It seemed everyday we were picking someone up from one practice and dropping someone else off. During this all Carter started talking about his game. I ask him all the time when is his game and it is usually “tomorrow.” We got him a T-ball stand and keep gloves, bats and balls in our car. We are ready for the game!

Carter has decided his game isn’t baseball now, its football. If that wasn’t enough of a challenge, the rains have started here on the west coast, so lately Carter says “Today is my game” and its POURING OUTSIDE! Poppy told him the game was cancelled due to rain and Carter gets mad and/or cries. I got him a foam football so they could toss it inside but that is NOT his game. Im not sure we will ever go to this game, but will talk about it for years to come.

At this point Im basically like head + wall = Nana when it comes to the “game.“
What are your child’s favorite sports? Do they have older siblings, and if so have you had a “game” to attend?