Coloring Contests

Usually getting a child to color is fairly easy. Last week I was handed some coloring sheets for a contest they were going to have the next day, and that there will be prizes and such. That night two of my grandsons stayed over, so the next morning I told them about the pages and gave them crayons. Anthony had this tortured look on his face and was clearly not interested. I told him there is a $20 prize if you win, and he colored the page. We took the kids to the coloring/costume contest and turned the work in. Anthony was Darth Vader and Carter was a Dinosaur (it really is a dragon but he says its not!)

They took the entry slip off the bottom of the coloring and put those in a bucket. The winner would be drawn. We stood with everyone looking at the all the great costumes. One boy came over and was talking to my grandson. The women in charge of the event called out to me that Anthony had won. They called his name but he was so busy talking we didn’t hear it. Anthony won after all! His mom was in the store shopping and he couldn’t wait to go tell her! Carter was just thrilled he got to eat a pizza stick.

I didn’t ask for the picture back and regretted that. Would have loved to have the winning one! A week later my husband and the boys ran to the store to get some stuff. Carter wanted to go into playland so my hubby took him over. There was Anthony’s winning page! They brought it home and I hung it up!

Do you display your (grand)children’s artwork?