That’s what I said!

Yesterday was one of those days. Carter was being the typical two year old. One minute all was fine in the world and the next moment he wouldn’t listen! At one point I asked him if he had ears and he said yes and pointed to them. I told him ‘I thought those were decorations!’ We laughed and laughed.
Later in the evening we were laying down in my bed watching Teen Beach Movie (for the millionth time). He rolled over and asked me something that sounded like “against the wall?” I said “Against the wall?” He says no and repeats it. Sounded the same and I so tried to understand what he was saying, but he was clearly getting frustrated with me.

Finally he grabs my ears and says ‘Are you listening to me?” Oh My God!! I couldn’t stop laughing (which clearly wasn’t amusing to him), I said “I don’t understand.” Eye roll and falling backwards, full on exaggeration of frustration, he finally says “Nana you need to use your ears!” Even now typing this out is cracking me up.

Early in the morning we were awake when my hubby left for work and Carter shouts out the front door for him to have a good day. The neighbors dog started barking and I told Carter he shouldn’t yell at 5am its too early. Danny forget something and when he came into the house Carter explained “The dog is woofin’ cuz I yelled Poppy.” Danny looked at me confused and I said “The dog is barking because Carter yelled Poppy.” Carter sighs and says “That’s what I said!” HA-HA!