Social Media – #etiquette

Social media. I know the importance of it in today’s face paced, smart phone, on the go lifestyle. I try to keep up with it as much as I can though I’m a dinosaur compared to some. I just don’t understand how etiquette changes with social media and the youth of today feel offended if you don’t agree. Birthday wishes are measured by how many posts you get on Facebook or how many #birthday tweets you get.

I use Facebook to post/share photos and stories about things going on in my life. Diet successes and diet breaking recipes. Occasionally a thought or two about grand kids or if I’m out of coffee. I have found old friends I lost touch with over the years and I’m so grateful to see how they are doing. I even have quite a few “friends” on my page that I never met in ‘real’  life but did meet while playing ‘virtual’ games. I have spoken to them over the computer and feel like I know them just as well if not better than some people I have known for years.

I also keep up with my grandchildren who live 3000 miles away. I get to see them swim and graduate preschool. I laugh at birthday parties I wasn’t able to attend. I smile when I see them playing video games and such. I’m so thankful for having that outlet to send a quick hug that would otherwise be impossible.

Yesterday my son’s girlfriend posted something about planning their upcoming wedding on Facebook asking her friends to “private message” her with their snail mail addresses if they wanted an invite. My other son asked me if I was ‘tagged” in it and I said “Of course not! You don’t ask your future husbands parents to ask for an invitation on Facebook! “ Then my phone went off and I was tagged. My husband was completely offended, I was hysterically laughing.

This morning my son called me to talk and I told him that his father was upset. He said it was his fault. He was afraid we would see the post and feel left out! *eye roll* Where did I go wrong? I taught my children to say please and thank you. I taught them manners and etiquette.

Where do you draw the line with social media?