Fun Filled Fireworks

As a kid I loved summertime – picnics, fireworks, parades and more! As a mother I tended to dread the forth of July. I had a son that didn’t like fireworks and I was determined to change that. My hubby and I took the boys to the lake to watch the show! One of the fireworks malfunctioned and literally rained hot pellets down on us. I screamed ‘Don’t look up” so of course they did. The son that hated fireworks was hit in the eye. Needless to say the ER visit didn’t help convince my son to like fireworks. Carter is taking after his Dad, and I decided that is ok. He is only 2 – things could change. So I decided to make fireworks that aren’t scary! It’s an easy way to pack dessert for a picnic! The kids love em!


Materials needed:
Poster board or construction paper.
Tissue paper
Tape (I use double sided from the dollar store)
Hot glue gun
materials - fireworks

When the kids help, I try to have the lids done to make things go easier. It does help to have everything cut then assemble. Also you could us wax paper inside the tissue if you wanted to put homemade goodies like fudge, brownies, cookies or whatever you think could work.
tissue paper taped

I hot glue the seem to make the tube. We tried taping, even double sided taping. I didn’t like seeing the tape on them, but if hot glue isn’t your thing.. Tape does work.

Tie off ribbon to create the end so your goodies don’t fall out. I was going for red, white and blue so I used ribbon to match the lid color.
tie off end

Since this is your project you can make your tubes as small or large as you wish. Ours is just smaller than the average paper towel roll.
tunnel for treats

Then I stuffed with candy! Again here you could use anything you wish to share.. As long as it fits in the tube. Id steer clear of ice cream or melty stuff.

I carefully glued the rim and added the top. This is one spot tape is really awkward.
glue top

We used red, white and blue but you could use any color you wish to add your own flair.

We hope you all have a happy, healthy and SAFE 4th! What are your holiday plans?


  1. Brittany says

    Love this craft! Unfortunately hubs has to work so the kids and I will probably just watch the downtown fireworks show on TV.

    • Nana Poppins says

      Sometimes its better that way. No loud noises! You can always just make goodies and eat them 🙂