Children at Play – Slow Down!

Kids At Play
I see these caution signs all over the place. I think they are a great idea to alert others that children are playing. What really annoys me is when adults don’t heed the warning. My son lives on a U shaped street north of town with only 10 houses. There are several kids that live on that street.

One of their neighbors drives really fast and no matter how many signs that get put up they still wont slow down. A mom got the town to put up “Children at play” signs. She also made homemade signs that are placed with cones at each end of the street. We purchased signs to put out as well and nothing slows these people down.

I usually stand in the street when my grandkids are playing so that cars will have to slow down. I only move out of the way when all the children are clear. I don’t mind because I usually get great photos, play fun games and have a blast. I do remember the days I grew up and no adults had to stand in the street while we played hide n’ seek or riding our bikes.

What do you think?