What is a #hashtag?

The hatch mark # “pound” or “number” symbol is now known by social media users as a “#hashtag” Posts that have the same word prefixed with the # symbol are grouped together in user searches. That is a simple explanation of what # can do. I think it is fantastic! What drives me crazy is when people talk in #hashtags.

People post pictures and then follow up with #stuff #sayings or #quotes. My niece usually talks completely in #hashtags. #itssimplereally #allyougottadoisforgetyouhaveaspacebar (ok that one might be pushing it.) You get the point! The other night I was watching dancing with the stars and Elizabeth was talking in #hashtags and it made me think is this the new (ok not really new just new to me) normal?

Don’t expect me to start tagging everything I say, but Im sure I will start using that # sign just a little more often. #wink