How to Make Flavored Water Naturally

Water is so important! Our bodies are 70% water, it is essential to our cells, it also helps replenish old ones with new ones, and keeps us looking and feeling young. Did you know that when you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated? That means we need to be proactive about drinking enough water. Are you getting enough?

The best idea is to flavor your water with natural fruits, veggies, extracts and herbs! Make up a pitcher of your favorite flavors of water the night before and let them marinade! In the morning fill up your water bottle and you are good to go! It’s especially important to stay hydrated in the summer months,  here are some great flavored water recipe ideas to add some spice to your water. You’ll enjoy quenching flavors, save lots of calories, and even some cash!

1. Dropping a lemon wedge in water is a common way to add flavor, but try another kind of citrus: grapefruit, lime, orange or Mandarin oranges. You can also get creative and mix them together. Blood orange and grapefruit. (fresh sliced and mulled)

2. Add a few freshly cut cucumbers to water. The taste is clean and refreshing.

3. Crush up a few mint leaves. It’s nice to let a pitcher of this ice water sit in the fridge to really make the flavor come out. Lime/mint leaf (mojito flavor! Tastes like a cocktail! crush the mint a bit to release the flavors)

4. Fresh pineapple slices/coconut water (feels like a Pina Colada in the afternoon.. with the added benefits of the electrolytes in the coconut water, it’s a must try)

5. Add a splash of cranberry juice to sparkling water. Sparkling water is calorie-free and cranberry juice can help boost your immune system. It’s even great with a few chunks of fruit, you can use apples, strawberries, oranges or whatever else is on hand.

6. Most berries have high water content, so their flavors absorb easily into to a pitcher of still or soda water.  All frozen berries work well.

7. If you’ve been sweating and working out, this great electrolyte recipe will replenish lost salts. All you need is water, baking soda, agave nectar, and sea salt.

8. You can freeze cubes or balls of melon like honeydew and use them just like ice cubes.

9. If you’ve been curious about trying out the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, but the idea of drinking it straight turns your stomach, try adding a teaspoon to water. It’s another source of vitamin C.

10. Slivers of fresh ginger in a glass of water will make a drink that’s not only reinvigorating, but is also a natural cure for an upset stomach. For a stronger flavor, boil grated ginger and then chill. (grated ginger and fresh squeezed lemon)

Water provides energy:
When you do not have enough water in your system you are sluggish and tired. Water has a rejuvenating quality.

Water prevents headaches:
Often people just have a headache because they are dehydrated!

Water helps with hunger/cravings:
If you are new to healthy eating you may find yourself craving unhealthy foods. Drinking water and always being hydrated prevents crazy cravings and fake hunger.

Water revs your metabolism:
Water is extremely useful to keep your metabolism running high. That is very important if we are talking about losing weight.

Water helps your skin:
Your skin is your largest organ, when you are dehydrated.. so is your skin. You can look 5-10 years older from just being dehydrated. Prevent those fine lines from turning into deep wrinkles simply by drinking water.