Choosing Paint Colors

My hubby and I are going to remodel our room. It’s part of my spring cleaning purge this year. We decided to paint. I have no idea how I am going to pick this color. He wants a blue bedroom and I want something fresh and cute. Not that blue cant be that but I’m not feeling the blue so much. We went to the store and saw a wall of color! How on earth am I going to see fresh and cute in all that confusion?

Paint Choices

We grabbed some samples and came home to compare the colors. Really? Noooo! That was what my hubby said! How can you look at a tiny chip and just know? My sister painted her fireplace last year and thought she picked out charcoal and it turned out more deep blue. She changed the wall color and it looks great but that was a happy accident. I don’t want any accident!!

I think I’m going to go on the hunt for things on Pinterest. I might migrate towards a color. I have a few days to pick it. I like green, he likes blue.. Ugh! What color is your bedroom?