Rich Collins

Two years ago we got to meet the Imagination Movers with our grandson Anthony. We had VIP passes and got the full experience. After the show we went to a private area with other families, the kids got snacks and the guys played songs for us that weren’t played in the concert. At the end we got our picture taken with them. I was super excited (and not thinking about the fact I was going in that picture too). I was busy trying to remember to ask the guys to sign Anthony’s drum stick.. Which they did – so nice!! Then we stepped into the photo area.. Mover Dave was talking to me.. (giggle) Mover Rich put his arm around me… that’s when it happened – I became star struck! Until that moment they were Anthony’s beloved movers but just as the picture snapped all I could think was I was standing next to Mover Rich and Mover Dave!!

These men have impressed me over and over again with the work they do for children. The money they raise for charity and the awareness they are able to bring to different charities as well. Not to mention their style of music transcends so that adults and kids can listen to fun funky music. I was checking out facebook yesterday and I saw a post on the Imagination Movers page that ‘Mover Rich’ is releasing his own album! Im excited to share this song with you! Please check out Rich’s page for more information about this album release.