On The Go..

I recently read somewhere when you write a blog post, you should write it like you are talking to your sister. I thought about that for a moment and decided that is how I started to post here, but things changed over the course of time. I worried I would offend people or that I wouldn’t.  Not that I would want to offend anyone but I would like to spark a decent debate now and again. At least see if anyone is reading this thing.

This weekend I have devoted myself to this blog and other social media in hopes to raise awareness that we are still here. I have revamped the website with a new dynamic look.. It has somewhat of a retro feel, but I thought it was time for a change. It displays nicely on my phone and tablet. No more scrolling in and out to read the text. I asked my husband how it looked and he says.. “Looks good” I’m not sure he looked long enough to see anything but Ill take it.

Until the next time.. Nana


  1. Joan Tavel says

    I love the new look sissa, nice and clean!!