Happy Birthday to a Great Sport!

My sister can take a joke with the best of them and today was no exception. We made her a cake for her birthday and invited her over to celebrate. Well let me back up a second and explain why we were so amused. I saw a cake on Pinterest and I told the kids we have to make it for Joan. They were super excited and that is just what we did. Her favorite cake is Carrot with cream cheese icing. We got the ingredients together and got to work.

We baked the cake and let it cool completely.

Then we cut out the shape.

Next we frosted the cake.

Then we added the decorations!

Inside the toilet we used some blue food coloring to make the water. Molded a tootsie roll for the ummm.. you know. Next we added some red food coloring to the blue to make purple (her favorite color) and wrote something ‘fitting’… and giggled!!

She had the look of shock and laughed at the whole thing! The cake was really delicious!
I’m hopping she forgets before its my birthday!