Usually my week is full of school with the children. Last Tuesday I stayed home since Ken and Kristen were off work. I decided to work on my blog and tweak what I could with a few of my Squidoo pages. Basically chill was the plan for the day. As early afternoon approached I found myself missing Carter more and more. That’s when it hit me! I needed a nap! You can always tell when Carter is ready to fall asleep. We have this way of communicating with each other. He rubs his eyes and looks at me. I ask him if he wants to hear music and he usually comes right to me. I turn on Pandora and the two of us start our ritual. I bounce him and he sways back and forth. Just at the right time I move him to my shoulder to rock.

Occasionally he fights that moment for a few more sways but gives in eventually. Then we rock back and forth until I can feel his body completely relax. At that moment I turn him face up and sideways into my arms and push his hair back from his face. If this is done too soon we have to start from the beginning again. Bounce, bounce, rock, rock then finally sleep. That is when I have inadvertently put myself to sleep as well. This day I was home alone and didn’t have the baby as my excuse to take a nap. I needed Carter in my arms to justify being lazy. What was I going to do? All this thinking of a plan to need to take a nap was making me more tired! Finally, I gave in and just took a nap. When I woke up.. I was refreshed and made dinner for my hubby. What a great day off. Even though I realized I don’t need the baby to take my nap.. I sure did miss my sleeping partner!