So Much To Be Thankful For!

Poppy & Nana
Danny and I are truly blessed. We are pleased to announce that we have two new grandsons! Our boys are celebrating milestones and so are we! Just last week we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. The fall always holds many birthdays for us. So far we watched our oldest grandson (Ivan) turn 13 and one of our youngest (Carter) will be turning 1! It is so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we now have 9 grandchildren.

Brittany, Vincent and ChristopherOur son Richard and his wife Brittany just celebrated their second wedding anniversary. They recently had their second son, Vincent! He came a bit early but was ready to get out into the real world. Christopher really enjoys being an older ‘butter’. In just a few days Christopher will be turning four years old. I just cant seem to grasp how fast this time is flying by. Hopefully this spring we can head back to Florida for another visit.

Amanda, Gavin & DrewOur youngest son, Andrew and Amanda just welcomed baby Gavin into the world two weeks ago. Amanda calls him her little peanut. He isn’t much bigger than one either! This small wonder really has made a big impact already. So far he is eating well, sleeping well and gaining weight! He is so cute and if there was one thing to complain about it would be the amount of people asking to hold him. Amanda certainly has made sure to make him available for Nana.. So those others can just wait their turn! Hehe!

Boogeyman & Gavin Earlier this month we celebrated my father’s 80th birthday! Anthony spent the night yesterday so he could help me get all the decorations ready. We even made home-made almond milk ice cream for the kids that cant have dairy. Birthday celebrations are meant to have cake and ice cream.. Everyone did! My next project is going to be to make homemade almond milk then turn that into ice cream. I found a great recipe on pinterest and cant wait to try it.

Ready or not the holiday season has arrived.
These are just a few of the things Danny & I are thankful for this year.
It seems that list gets longer as time passes.
Hope you and your families stay safe, warm and have wonderful holidays!