Winning PowerballI’m sure today that millions of people are daydreaming about the millions of dollars we all hope to win. I know I would love to win it as much as anyone else. I just hope that more than one person wins this jackpot. I want to see many benefit! Honestly I have to say I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the people devastated by Sandy get a decent chunk of it. First thing I would do is pay off my debtors. We don’t owe much, a car payment and medical bills. Then I would set up college funds for all the grandchildren. Make sure my Dad and Danny’s Mom want for nothing for the rest of their lives. Then help my boys, I know they are men but I cant help it.. My sons are my boys! Danny and I would definitely take a few vacations. Head to the east coast to see family we miss so very much. Then off to Scotland, Ireland and Australia. After that we would return home and go back to the life we lead now.

If our numbers don’t get picked we are still going to do those things I mentioned. They just might take us a bit longer to accomplish. What is your daydream?