Disaster Hits Home

Sandy sure did her devastation to the east coast while on the west coast we sat in sunshine. We all waited to get in touch with family members on the east coast to make sure they weathered the storm. Our hearts go out to the victims of that disaster. I couldn’t get over all the images on the news showing flooding, damage and more.

I grew up on the east coast and lived through my share of hurricanes. We once had a tree snap in half in our yard but a lawn chair never moved. Even though I know the damage that could be caused, I’m still amazed at how it affected so many with this storm. What is worse is to have the outer bands swing back around with a shot of snow.

Trees sliding into the Chetco RiverThe other day we started to have a horrible storm come through the coast here. They forecasted high winds coming down from the north – Alaska winds. I was outside and thinking this almost feels like a hurricane. I watched a tree bow down as if to touch the street and blow back up. I wondered if it was possible sandy was swinging around to say her horrible hello to us too. They said we had wind gusts up to 74 mph and that was the same as category 1 hurricane force winds.

Mouth of Chetco River at Pacific OceanWe have trees down, houses knocked off their foundations by falling trees. We have had sink holes and landslides. Trees falling into the river as it rushes by. In a matter of 24 hours they said parts of this small community had approx 10 inches of rain. The Chetco River crested yesterday afternoon at the same time hide tide was expected from the Pacific ocean. Last January it flooded here, but yesterday the river was two feet higher than that flood, the highest the river has ever been.

Sinkhole near local Elementary SchoolMany homes along the river flooded as well as some of our local businesses. Mudslides blocked roads which left many stranded. They issued warnings about road conditions. The local radio station told people if you don’t have to leave your home, DON’T! One RV park here was completely devastated. Our local paper says the we are urging the county commissioner to declare a state of emergency.

We are in for more rain, but this morning there is a nice break in the clouds. Hopefully this will let crews out to help those in need. On our local town Facebook page many are offering help to those devastated by the storm. It is such a heart warming thing to see so many try to help. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those dealing with clean-up no matter what coast they are on.