Why Was The Math Book Unhappy?

It had too many problems!

ArtThis past month of school has been exciting and a bit overwhelming. We have had some struggles, but most of it has been with scheduling and not lessons. My wonderful daughter-in-law has been such a huge help getting us all the supplies needed for organization. That really has been the key towards success!

This upcoming week the kids will do their speaking work samples. In these samples they will take time to introduce themselves to their teachers and classmates. They will get to talk about their hobbies and goals for the future. Im sure they will do a great!

Work Samples

Each of them worked on a powerpoint slide to help them put the face to their name. The girls were really excited to do this project! They spent time with the camera to have just the right picture to share. Even though each sample has many of the same pictures, they were able to put their own spin on it to have it speak to who they are.