The Family Tree

Family TreeOne evening my son Kenneth was talking about our ancestors. He was actually complaining that he did not know more about our family. My husband started telling him about a few relatives but that did not seem to satisfy Ken’s curiosity. I got to thinking about all of this, went on, and started a family tree. It was amazing to watch it grow into something more than a twig. As we added all the family we knew about, it raised more questions than answers. My husband started making phone calls and gathering more and more information. One of his cousins sent him photos and records about relatives we had not known before. My husband and I spend hours looking up records and sorting facts.

Over the last two months, we have connected with a few family members we either had not talked to in a long time or met some we never knew. We have cleared up a few family mysteries and put some rumors to rest. We have even found photos, certificates both birth and death, census reports and more. We have discovered our family nationalities and even our family crest. I found a picture online of someone with the same name as my mother’s sister. I attached it to my tree to save and show my sister later. Approximately two weeks later, I got a note from the original poster of that photo wondering why we saved it and how if at all we may be related. Turned out we are cousins! Growing up I did not have the chance to know my cousins, so Im really excited to email with him and learn more about his family! We also connected with a cousin on my husband’s side as well!

This project has taught me so much. I have had the chance to talk to my uncle I hadn’t talked to in years, met two cousins and found out about an Uncle I never knew about. Im thrilled that this tree is blossoming into something we can put together for our sons and their children to pass along for generations to come!