k12 ~ Virtual “Home” School

k12Recently I shared that we are home schooling Anthony. The reality is he is registered in our school district, but simply attends school at home (well at Nana’s). His mom enrolled him with k12.com back at the start of the school year. k12 sent Anthony anything you could imagine a student needing. A globe for history and safety goggles for science, even a phonics kit with letter tiles and instructions. They sent him a computer so he was able to connect to do class connect classes, attend Monday meetings, assemblies and more. I have to boast about the literature they sent to him as well, books like Madeline, Peter Rabbit, Tom Thumb and more!

Study IslandI am not Anthony’s teacher, I am his learning coach. He has a homeroom teacher that he can connect with anytime we need help in the school day. We can contact him with k-mail or a phone call. He also has a math and phonics teacher for his online classes. All I am expected to do is present the lessons. Several times a week we connect with his teachers and other students in an online classroom. The students actually get to raise their hands and participate. We started his history lessons this year by making a passport and constructing suitcases to travel the world with our imaginations. After learning, what each continent offers we moved on to the next. I do not remember learning that in kindergarten!

Reading EggsI am amazed at the lessons we accomplish everyday. When I brag about Anthony and this virtual school, people seem to think I sit him down in front of a computer all day. When in reality only about 20% of what we do is online. One of the online features this virtual school provides is Study Island. There students do lessons that are appropriate for their age. When the lesson is completed, they just move onto the next. Recently they added Reading Eggs to the Study Island program. Anthony loves this so much he begs to ‘play’ Reading Eggs.

K12 is all over the USA. I would recommend this program to anyone. If your family has different schedules or a child that needs extra attention, then this program might just be your answer. There are clubs and activities for children of all ages. Monthly the school holds outings for the many families around the state to get together and share an experience. This month is the 153rd birthday of our state, and they are holding the meeting at the state capitol. We do not have to work our schedules around school; we work school around our schedules.