Paula Deen

Paula DeenI lived in Atlanta when I first started watching Paula Deen. It really was like sitting in your neighbors kitchen and having a visit. When my husband and I moved to the west coast I continued to watch Paula and others on the Food Network. I loved the personal touch she brought to her shows. I love watching her interact with her sons, and over the years it was interesting to watch her wedding, their home being built and her family grow. I have even tried a recipe or two and have a few of her cookbooks.

She is not the only food network star I like. I have tried Rachel Ray, Tyler Florence, Sandra Lee and Ina’s recipes too. I decide which foods I make for my family and I alter any recipes I wish. Im picky and don’t use cilantro or mushrooms. When making Rachel Ray’s recipes I don’t use as much cumin as she does or omit it altogether. We cant blame those cooks/chefs for pounds gained or lost from their shows. They don’t provide the food or tell us how often to eat it. They are simply there to entertain us.

Over the years I have come to adore and trust Paula. If she promotes a product she uses herself, I’ve assumed it means its quality. Now that she is using her celebrity to endorse a deal with pharmaceutical company, it feels like it’s a ploy to make a buck off a bad situation. I hope the best for her and her family. Since coming to terms with my own blood sugar levels and need for diet and exercise to make changes, I can certainly sympathize.

I do however have an opinion on her news about having diabetes. I think she could have chosen to share her news in a different way. I believe it is a missed opportunity. Her own son has done a few shows with her trying to show the ‘lighter’ options. She could have used her disease and its announcement as a platform for promoting healthy eating, attracting an entirely new fan base and positively influencing the one she already has.

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