Tis The Season!

Last night we went with the children to see the light show here in town. They were excited to see all sparkling lights. We saw things from trains to nutcrackers as well as fish, swans and even an octopus. You name it and you could probably have seen it lit up there at the park! We stood and listened to carolers sing Christmas songs, and then made our way into a really long line.

We weren’t sure what this line had in store for us, but Anthony just knew he heard bells. The closer we got towards the end the louder the bells seemed to be. Just as we made it to the top of the hill and near the end of the line we heard a jolly voice greeting the children before us. It was Santa!!! This time he actually convinced Anthony to climb aboard his lap and just as fate would have it my camera with the flash was in the truck. So out came my camera phone to capture the moment the best I could.

Anthony was telling Santa that he would like video games, Emily wants new dolls and Karmen got the chance to ask for a new bike, pink of course! Ivan told Santa that is what he would like one too and we all laughed as Santa exclaimed, “You would like a pink bike?” Ivan didn’t miss the opportunity to correct him and said, “No Way! Black and Orange, like OSU Beavers.”

Happy Holidays 2011

The evening ended with cookies and hot chocolate. We all had a great time together!
Happy Holidays to you and your family!