Holiday Tips

Holiday Planning
Well its that time of year again! You know the one.. Making lists, checking them 47 times, ok twice should have been good enough, but Im THAT person! Once I realize Im not Martha Stewart I can usually cope with things being not so perfect. Over the years it’s the imperfections I find we all laugh about most! Before you get all wrapped up in stamps and tape I would like to share some tips and tricks that have helped me over the years. 

Holiday Tips:

  1. Be realistic. No one is perfect, don’t expect it from yourself or others.
  2. Keep the general areas of your home clean.
  3. Have snacks at the ready for unexpected visitors. Cheese, crackers and grapes are always quick and easy. Ginger ale mixed with fruit juice are always a festive punch.
  4. Get a notebook or organizer and plan ahead.
  5. Instead of personalizing each and every card, consider writing a family newsletter to enclose with your cards (or instead of cards) about the news you want to share about your family.
  6. Consider shopping online. Many of the vendors offer gift wrapping and free shipping near the holiday season. If unwrapped gifts arrive wrap and tag them to avoid last minute confusion.
  7. Make sure to take time for yourself. Go for a walk or read a book!
  8. Make sure you eat healthy and get enough sleep.

Gift Ideas

  1. Coffee Cups and flavored coffee samples. I pack two coffee mugs with a small flavored coffee (found in coffee isle at the grocery store- trial size) and wrap. it’s a great gift for couples, teachers or neighbors!
  2. A gift of recipes. If someone loved those cookies or muffins you made, consider buying a baking dish and package all the spices and such needed for them to make their own!
  3. Embroidery kits and magnets (personalize). Photos are always a great way to share your life with family that live far away. The dollar store has an excellent selection of frames and embroidery kits in craft section. Just remember sometimes the personal touch is worth more then the amount invested into the gift. A DVD costs around $20 dollars but your child’s face in a frame or on a refrigerator magnet is priceless!
  4. Make sure to check yard sales and thrift stores for old dishes or silver pieces and polish them up. You could very well be responsible for the next family heirloom!
  5. Collect boxes of all sizes and shapes.. don’t forget to ask for boxes as the store, most stores will offer shirt boxes and coat boxes for free.