Pledge Of Allegiance

Pledge of AllegianceMy grandson and I are working together on his home/online school. Anthony attends k12 as a kinder. He was too young to start into the public school but our state offers online education as well and he qualified. This experience has been really enjoyable. He does about 80% of his school work offline with me, then takes online assessments to make sure he grasped the lesson.

He is assigned a homeroom teacher and one for math & phonics. I was shocked at the lesson plan for kindergarten. They have Math, Phonics, Language Arts (wonderful literature), Science and Social Studies. They are also expected to have PE, but riding bikes, walking or playing soccer (sports) counts towards that.

The first week of school Anthony and I reviewed the pledge of allegiance. We broke it down to explain what the big words meant: Republic = all citizens, Liberty = freedom and so on. We were driving down the road one day and out of the backseat came this little voice saying the pledge. I had no idea the few times we had said it sunk in so fast, but he knew it by heart!

Yesterday Anthony and I attend his Monday meeting. Each week the teacher calls on one student to lead them in the pledge. Anthony was asked to do it yesterday. Usually the learning coach reads a line and the child repeats but Anthony did it all by himself! He did such a wonderful job! His teacher was quite impressed he knew it by memory.