Rants, Raves & Favs!

Rant: My back! My legs! Nana isn’t made to bend like that!! Those are often things I say during the average day while dancing, tickling, and playing with the grandkids. I have to admit it is usually said with laughter! Not much of a rant today, but I really don’t have anything worth complaining about.

Rave: As I have said recently my youngest son and his wife have moved out here. Yesterday Drew ran all my errands and took Ivan and Anthony to soccer practice. It really is nice to have someone else to depend on for a change! I want him to know I appreciated all his efforts.. So today he is my rave!

Soccer Practice

Fav: Today’s favorite thing is really a guilty pleasure. It would be the new song by Maroon 5, Moves like Jagger. I also like a song I heard in the movie Something Borrowed. New Shoes by Paolo Nutini. I bought both the mp3’s on Amazon along with a few others and they are now my new walking music.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have been busy with birthdays and home school, but should be back to regular posts and hops soon!


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