Juggling Schedules

Soccer BallPlanning all the kids extra activities can often require juggling. Thank God Kristen handles that! Anthony waited all day yesterday for five o’clock to get here so he could go to his first soccer practice. From noon on he kept asking if it was time to go to soccer yet. I took him and the twins to the park to get his mind off the wait. Danny and I got ready to go to the field to watch his practice and our daughter-in-law called to let us know it was the wrong day. They moved his practices to Thursdays. Poor guy! Today both the boys have soccer practice at the same time in two different places. I was trying to decide which practice to attend and then I remembered.. Ivan is almost 12.. He probably doesn’t want his grandparents gushing at a practice!!


  1. My son is like that too. The first time he had soccer practice it didn’t start until 5:30 pm but he didn’t want to leave the house all day because he was afraid he might miss it!