Off To The Races!

Racing with PoppyWhen my boys were younger I seemed to always be breaking up arguments. Two of them would always ban together and the third one out was the victim of the day. My fix for this was to keep one around me as my ‘helper for the day’ or have friends over for them. It really worked out well! I noticed the other day my grandkids were doing the exact same thing. Ivan and Karmen were teamed up and tormenting Emily seemed to be their goal. They rode their bikes and wouldn’t let her share. I asked her where her bike was and she told me the chain needed to be fixed.

The next day Poppy and Emily worked together and fixed her bike! After they were finished Poppy borrowed Karmen’s bike and they raced along together with Anthony. It was such a blast to see her so excited to have her bike back! Watching my hubby ride this little girls bike along with them was hysterical and heartwarming to me. He dives right in and plays along with them as though he was their age. Seeing my hubby play with the children is absolutely one of my favorite things! What a great Poppy!