Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

One place I never thought we would see product placement would be political statements. This past week president Obama said, ”..it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid, and eat our peas.” Seriously! That would not be something I would expect a well educated leader to say about such a serious issue. I am sure Jamie Oliver would loan his pea costume out since the motto of his Food Revolution is “Eat Your Vegetables!”

Anthony can now tie his shoes! We took jump ropes and sat on the floor side by side and worked on tying them around our legs. It was very helpful to exaggerate the laces that way and he could see how tying worked! Then we moved onto our shoes. We practice everyday and I know one day he will be able to tie them without me sitting next to him.

This weekend is the Southern Oregon Kite Festival! There is always lots to do from kids making kites to watching spectacular shows! Summers here are really my favorite time of year because of all the festivals, fairs and fundraisers. One thing this community is good at is supporting local businesses and artists!


  1. The reason the President put it that way is because the republicans were acting like kids, throwing temper tantrums, refusing to compromise, etc. So, if they are going to act like kids, “take off the bandaid and eat your peas”. Treated them just like the kids they were acting like. I don’t blame him at all. 🙂
    Nice Rave! 🙂