Cotton Candy + Rides & Games = County Fair!

When I was younger my Dad always took us to the fair when it was in town. Getting to go to Queenstown and hang out at the fair was something I looked forward to every year! I loved all the rides and games. When my boys were younger I took them to the fair and Im sure it was much the same. Getting to experience this all over again with the grandchildren was really a blast!

I watched Ivan swing a sledge hammer to hit the bell. He gave it all his might but the bell just wouldn’t ring. He did win a prize though, so that made it all worth it! Karmen convinced Emily to ride a spinning ride (you know the one that holds you against the wall) and we watched Emily freaking out! It was hysterical to see her come off the ride as though she wanted to kiss the ground! They all headed over to the fun house. I was standing there waving and watching for them to come out and I have to admit I was thinking about the ending of the movie grease.

I walked over to the Basketball game, the gang stood behind me shouting “Nana! Nana!” I tried so hard but after three shots I didn’t make one in. We went to the rides for the smaller children so Anthony could experience fun as well. He loved the mini roller coaster and rode it twice. I gave Ivan tickets to find a ride he wanted and he came back disappointed that he was too tall. (first time for everything!) The three bigger kids went down the big slide! After we were out of tickets we headed over to eat cotton candy and see the monster trucks.

The Gang


  1. OH I LOVE COTTON CANDY…. best reason to go to a Fair. That and the Funnel Cakes.