Vacation Preparation

Today is one of those days. We have 5 more until we leave for our family vacation/reunion. I am trying to figure out what to pack and make a check list of everything so I don’t forget. Im at the stage now – excited its almost here and wishing I had prepared a little more while I had the time.

My son called me yesterday and told me he was already packed. I told him I wasn’t packed yet, but I have plenty of time. I mean the plane leaves at 6 am as long as I have everything in a bag before midnight the night before I should be fine- ha! Procrastination is going to be my worst enemy one day!

The airlines and TSA really need to get it together. They both have websites of what you can carry and what isn’t allowed but weights and measurements vary. I figure we will go with what TSA says for carrying on and what the airlines says for size. I think I better study all those rules as well.. You just never know if there is going to be a test!

Hope you and your families have a pleasant weekend and wonderful Mother’s Day!


  1. Have a great time……. and you know that I find it a win if I only have a few things to throw in as I am runnning out the door.