Twintastic School Projects!

The twins each had school projects due today. They got to choose between a science project, recycled art project or a book report. I never remember being given a choice when I was in school and thought it was a creative solution to getting the children involved in doing something they liked.

Karmen agreed the make a recycled art project. She went to her grandfather’s house and the two worked on it together. He did all the welding and adult stuff and she got to help with getting everything cut and painted. Here is a picture of the art her and Papa made.

Karmen’s – “Red Winged Yard Bird”

Red Winged Yard Bird

Emily wanted to do a science project. She took three types of soil – potting soil, soil from her yard and soil from my yard – then she planted peas. She watered and watched these plants diligently. They took pictures to report the process over time – those along with the plants went to school with her today.

Emily’s Soil Project – Winner is Potting Soil!
Emily-Soil Project